The Black Glass Killer



Title: The Black Glass Killer

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Length: TBC

Format: Paperback and eBook

Release date: TBC


To Damon Carter, a vicious torturer, little is more arousing than the pain of his victims. To make them shatter is the ultimate pleasure. Or so it had been before his art was stripped from him.

Five years have passed and now Damon leads an empty, dull existence. Apathetic, docile, bored; Damon yearns for the means to escape his living pain.

But unbeknown to Damon years ago his torture left a mark on someone. A mark that festered into an intimate obsession with Damon’s true self.

When the enigmatic victim of his past tracks him down, a murderer determined to awaken the man underneath, Damon must reconcile his darkness if he is to survive the legacy of The Craftsman Killer.

Where To Find It

It will be available in full soon!

You may however read it chapter-by-chapter as it unfolds on Wattpad