A Study In Sociopath

I’ve been noticing a trend for some time now that has played a bit of a role in inspiring one of my stories. Of course, as we know, typical do-gooder heroes have become a sort of bore in today’s society, and we like to look towards more complex or damaged characters, especially those who fit somewhere in the morally grey side of things. I’m sure not many can dispute that.

Over recent years we’ve taken a liking to anti-heroes, memorable villains and even enjoyed walking the path of the eccentric and frightening many a time. That’s all commonplace now. But what I’ve noticed, especially in television, is the way these admittedly disturbing characters are portrayed in ways that are designed to make them likable.

And that’s because the reality would lead to the complete opposite.

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My Origin Story As A Writer

I’ve come to realise that despite how changeable people are, many people I’m close to and have known since childhood have ended up pursuing similar interests to what they were known for all the way back then. It’s rather interesting actually, and I could provide examples using my various cousins, but I’ll leave that for some personal thoughts later.

Take myself for example. Writing for me started a very, very long time ago.

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