A Sadist

Meet Nate Sawyer.

The perfect kid. That is no exaggeration. He really is. So perfect that it made you queasy with envy. The whole package; quite a remarkable specimen. Tall, dark haired, gorgeous, and a body like one of those on the front of a Men’s Health magazine designed to make you self-conscious of your meagre frame. His perfection manifested itself in every wake of life, believe it or not. He was the school jock. He placed in the top three academic performers in the grade. Worst of all? He was insufferably charming and polite. It was impossible to hate the kid, no matter how desperately you wish you did.

Perhaps if you knew more, knew what did…you may just find that hatred.

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Poem: Dark Light

I am extremely close to the next big progress update on my second book, which is absolutely on track to be completed this year. In the mean time I felt in the mood for some more abstract creative writing, and turned back to some of the poetry I used to write in High School.

I thought it would be pretty cool to share a slice of that poetry, even though it’s primitive and, well, teenage level.

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Short Story: Three Days Of Double Crunch

I’ve been asked by a few to divulge this one particular story. Now I’m rather detached from time unfortunately so I can’t remember whether this story came about in grade ten or eleven. My only reference point is that it was a while after my favourite burger in the entire universe, The Double Crunch, got discontinued. I’ve never quite forgiven KFC in South Africa for cancelling it, and in the week that I found out they would be I ate seven in a matter of days.

This short story came from a school paper incidentally. It was exams and I was sitting in English paper three, the creative writing paper. I loved that one. It was my channel to be bizarre, creative and take risks. It wasn’t about the marks for me. It was about writing. And fortunately my writing led to good marks. In one particular paper the third writing part gave a variety of options, and one of them was to write three diary entries. I’m not quite sure what made me write about KFC, but I would assume that I was hungry and dealing with the loss of the Double Crunch.

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