Labels Are Limitations

If there’s one thing I’ve discussed quite a bit on this blog, it’s the fickle nature of some people which forces them to pick sides and stick with them rather than remain in an open-minded state. The burden of having your beliefs probed and the structures you’ve formed tested can be a heavy one, and part of what compounds the problem is the need some of these people also have for labels. Perhaps you’ve engaged in debate about this before, or have your own opinion on it, but labels have begun to annoy me once again and for a variety of reasons. When I say labels I am referring to what I call┬áthe ‘pick a side’ mentality, which is essentially the need to identify things in either-or terms. It must be this or that, you must either be with us or against us. I want to discuss what a dangerous limitation this is to put on yourself or others.

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5 Principles Of Self-Empowerment

I’ve always been very interested in psychology and people, and over the years I’ve helped many close friends with their personal issues and in dealing with emotional strain. I have always been a tough person, and if something does eventually kick me down I’ll get back up and fight another day. One thing I’m very grateful to have is thick skin, and what other people think of me or say about me won’t get to me. Alright, enough with singing my own praises. I hate doing that, but I felt some context needed to be established for this to make sense. This will be a more personal blog post not related to writing, but more to mental strength and emotional toughness.

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