At times it may seem as though I have departed from the living world, perhaps due to the lengthy breaks between posts on this blog. However rest assured that I am always writing, because that’s what a writer does of course.

Oh, and how I have been writing indeed.

The editing process for my second novel, The Black Glass Killer, is taking longer than originally planned because in addition to life happening (like getting married for example), the book has required substantial editing in order for me to achieve my original vision – which I’m proud to say is something that is steadily happening.

I have already published the first six (soon to be seven) chapters of the novel on Wattpad and Inkitt, and there’s plenty more to come in that twisted tale.

However this post is not about my second novel. It’s about a whole new exciting set of stories.

I have recently begun testing myself and pushing my creative brain by getting into writing short stories. Novels, as you may know, require an enormous amount of effort, planning, editing and focus. Taking a break every now and then to write other things can be very cathartic.

I’ve been churning out short stories and ideas at a rapid rate, and a few weeks ago after reading a few of these my lovely wife suggested that I put together a collection of such stories in one place.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m ready to announce a brand new book that I’m working on. Drum roll, please.

The new book will be called Wayward Beasts.

You may be scratching your head wondering why I’d be working on another book when I haven’t yet finished The Black Glass Killer, but nutty writers like myself are always typing away at one story or the next. And the beautiful part about Wayward Beasts is that because it’s a collection of stories, I’m not restrained by conventional novel-writing etiquette.

In fact you have already seen two chapters in Wayward Beasts on this very blog, namely a mask and a sadist.

The anthology series will be a collection of short stories that are all thematically similar, but do not directly follow or interact with one another. As for the point of it, perhaps there will be one, and perhaps there won’t be. It’s a compilation of dark and terrifying tales of both a realistic or supernatural nature, that aim to explore varying themes of control, self-awareness, suppressing a dangerous need, discovering what people are really like behind closed doors and temptation.

While the series is far from finished, at present the following eleven tales are in the works:

  • A Mask
  • A Sadist
  • A Scarecrow
  • A Prophet
  • A Surgeon
  • An Arsonist
  • A Stalker
  • A Fighter
  • A Ravager
  • An Historian
  • A Fortuneteller

Of course more could be added and some could even be removed, but the above are some sample titles from the collection. Each story will be brief but complete, and they’ll convey a very particular message or theme. It may all lead somewhere, and it may not. That’s the fun part. For now it’s simply about telling stories and creating creepy little worlds for them to breathe in.

I’m excited to share more about Wayward Beasts in future as we get closer to the publication of my next book. In the meantime, two pieces of it are published on this blog, and I’ll be sure to add more in future.