In September last year I joined the Wattpad community and began publishing chapters of my new book The Black Glass Killer on the site. The first six chapters are available to read for free, and I will continue to publish them as I complete editing of the novel.

I was recently contacted by Inkitt to publish my work on their site, and I was more than thrilled to participate. Therefore my second novel is now available on Inkitt as well, and you can start reading it for free by clicking this link.

The book is still undergoing a lot of editing, but with each day I’m getting closer to the vision I’ve always wanted to achieve with the novel. I am completely confident that when I finally publish it in full it will be exactly the kind of twisted tale that people who know me expect from me.

If you’re able to, it would very much appreciated if you could add it to your reading list on Inkitt and maybe even drop a review or some feedback based on what’s published right now.

There are lots of exciting things to come, and I can’t wait to publish this novel later this year.