Upon making my return to this blog I almost feel like the title character in one of my favourite books: The Dark Knight Returns. While it hasn’t quite been ten years of retirement – or retirement at all for that matter – it has certainly been a three month absence from this blog that hasn’t exactly been ideal. Such is life and life is such.

Whether it’s planning for my marriage at the end of the year, working and studying and squeezing in editing time on my second novel it hasn’t exactly been a quiet few months. Nevertheless in between all the hard work and self-reflection, through conversation with my significant other – who is wonderfully determined to see me release this book – I’ve decided to do something entirely different with it.

The Black Glass Killer is not yet complete. The planning is done. The story is done. Only editing and re-writing of the latter portion of the book remains. The final six or so chapters. I will still be publishing the book similarly to how I did my first book, The Sorrow, on Lulu, Smashwords, iStore and various other places.

Except until I get there I’ve decided to start releasing the book on a little site called wattpad.

If you don’t know of this site that’s alright. I’m rather new to the experience myself. What this site allows you to do is publish stories chapter by chapter – or at any rate you please for that matter – and thereafter it enables people to read, leave comments on parts of the story and interact with you. Your release schedule is up to you as is your content.

I’m very much open to experimentation, but at the heart of the matter I simply am desperate to improve on my first book and get this out there for people to read.

I have released the first chapter of The Black Glass Killer onto wattpadd, and you can view it on my profile.

I imagine my significant other feels that this is a necessary kick up the arse as well to get this book completed. Either way to reiterate even though I will be periodically releasing chapters on wattpad, once I complete the entire book I will still be publishing it very much in the same way as my original.

This is just something new, fun and experimental to do in order to test the waters and return to writing more religiously than I have been.

I look forward to people getting a taste for the story and interacting with me either on this blog, wattpad itself, Twitter or Facebook. I do love to chat after all.