I’m aware by now that I’m prone to long absences on this blog, but sadly I’m currently busy with end of semester exams at campus among other personal things that have slowed my ability to write. Nevertheless I’ve made substantial progress with the editing work on my second book, The Black Glass Killer, and that’s what I’ll be talking about here.

The last time I spoke about the book was in March where I revealed the front cover and synopsis. Before that was in mid-February where I offered my final progress update to say that the first draft of the book was fully complete and editing would begin. What a journey it has been since then.

I’d like to briefly give some insight into the whole editing process I’m going through before updating you on where I am with the book currently.

I won’t be repeating the same mistakes that I made with my first book, The Sorrow. It went through only one editing process to fix up mistakes, thanks to my inexperience and my overzealousness to publish it. After that I had to release updated versions of the book to fix problems and mistakes.

I will be doing things differently with The Black Glass Killer. My second book will go through two full waves of editing. The first will be to rewrite entire portions I’m unhappy with, improve the story, fix mistakes and overall make things better in any way that I can. Once I’m complete with that and will no longer be touching the story, my second wave of editing will be purely reading the entire book from start to finish and correcting errors.

Regarding where I’m currently at, there are 22 chapters in the book with an additional epilogue at the end. I am presently on chapter 13, having rewritten and reworked substantial areas of the first twelve chapters. You could say that I’m more or less half-way or more with the first wave of editing.

The book looks totally different right now compared to where it was before editing. I’ve ripped out pages of unnecessary stuff, added in more than a dozen pages of content, focused an enormous amount on characterisation and tried to make things appropriately more intense.

The finish line is closer than ever and I can’t tell you how excited I am to publish this book. I’ve said before that I consider my first book to be okay, and mostly a trophy that proves I can write a book. What I’m really invested in is bettering it and proving to myself that I can cut it as an author by not only doing sol, but by having more exciting stories to tell.

To reiterate once I complete this wave of editing I will not be changing anything in the story unless there’s a pretty darn good reason for it. In other words after the first wave of editing the story will be ‘fixed’ and the second wave of editing will only be concerned with the beautiful English language.

I look forward to getting the book out there and hearing the feedback from friends, family (who will probably disown me), friendly strangers, bloggers, trolls, haters and virtually anyone who interacts with it.