The editing process for my second book, The Black Glass Killer, is going as well as I could hope but there’s still plenty to be done and to refine. As I’ve stated before I don’t want to rush the gun in my excitement like I did with my first book. I want to take my time and do the best that I can.

That doesn’t mean I’m not excited to talk about it! It’s been my baby for nearly two years now. Though it really seems like a lifetime ago that I first put the words ‘The Black Glass Killer’ down as the title of the book and wondered where the dark tale would take me.

It was just last month that I shared the front cover and plot synopsis for the book and today I want to share one last teaser from early on in The Black Glass Killer to give you more of an idea of what the disturbed protagonist Damon Carter is really like beneath the charm and eloquent words.

There’s a human being somewhere in there, but not one you’d like to have a drink with at parties. I hope it gets you interested to explore the mind of this character even more when I eventually publish the book.

The Black Glass Killer – Final Teaser

The night was so quiet. All the people and all their noise was gone with the gentle wind. It was late. I didn’t know the time. I didn’t care. I surveyed the skies to make sure that I was truly alone. The moon was at the cusp of its brilliance. I admired it. Its beauty reminded me of Aria’s smile. I’d left her alone in bed and snuck out into the black of the night. I knew where I was going. It was a place I tried to avoid. But it was the place that I had to come to once again. I could no longer push it away. After everything that I had thought and felt over the last few days I required refuge.

I had come to Sebastian’s grave.

I sank down to one knee on the cold, dark earth before it. I wished that no grave could hold his precious body down. There was a swirl of feeling somewhere in my gut. I could not recognise what it was. All I felt was that semblance of wanting and of longing. As much as I had tried to delude myself into being over the loss of my brother I just wasn’t. Not even close. I brushed aside the dead flowers at his gravesite that had most likely been left by my parents or sister. It was my time with Sebastian. Their short-lived, superficial relics would not break my connection. I stared deeply into the words on the gravestone. They were such simple words, but they were perfect words. They were true. Perhaps the only sincere and respectable words my lowly family had been capable of.

Beloved son and brother. The world will never be the same without you.

“What would you say to me sneaking out to see you in the middle of the night, Sebastian? What advice would you have for me to deal with this pain? You were just a kid but you were always so damn insightful beyond your years. You always knew how to bring a sense of calm into my life.”

I did not know where the words came from. It was like watching someone else speak.

“When we were younger, dear brother, you used to tag around me. Before we were close I admit I found it annoying. We couldn’t be more different. But in those differences I came to see what was so beautiful about you. I discovered what we actually shared: a love of art. You were soft, kind and gentle and I was cynical and cold. Two sides of the same coin. Except you never saw it that way. You saw me as someone worthy of putting on a pedestal despite everything that I am…”

I felt something ache in my chest. My vision blurred.

“We always promised each other that we’d be honest, Sebastian. I am here tonight to fulfil that promise to you. A truth I need to be free from my mind. If you’re out there I need you to listen…”

I reached out and touched the cool stone tablet. It was the closest thing to a physical connection I could still have with him.

“I do not care about anyone in our family. I would offer them up gladly, dear brother. I would serve them all to hell’s darkest gate…to have you back. You were the only one who ever understood me. You were the only one who cured me of this feeling…of a deathless death.”

I did not know how long I remained. The ground felt decayed beneath my hands. I felt the weight of my confessions, knowing that I had not spoken of my work and how lost I was without it. It was Sebastian’s time. It was not the time for me to lament about my art, as sure as I was inside that he would understand. He would understand what I needed. For a moment I wished that my time would come and I could be laid gently beside my brother. I wanted to scream at the world. I wanted to hurt whoever had orchestrated such cruelty. But it was pointless. My brother was gone. And I was stuck as a fading shadow of what I used to be. I wished more than anything that I had some way to honour my brother by living. I had nothing. That only drove me to hate even more what I had become without my work. It was a disservice to his memory. It ate me alive.

I stood. I had nothing more to say or to give. I caressed his gravestone one more time before I turned to leave. I had hardly moved at all when I heard a rustle of grass to my right. I looked over and saw a man. He was close enough that it was obvious he was watching me. He made no attempt to be subtle. It was too dark to make out any detail of his face and the protective hood he wore did little to change that. He stood motionless with no hint of life in his body. He simply watched. I stared back. A minute passed where I felt as though he was seeing more than I was. Then he turned around and walked away as though he had not cared about my presence to begin with. I was angry that someone had invaded my time with Sebastian and that I had not noticed. It only soured my mood. I let out a string of curses, pulled my coat around me and disappeared back to where I came.