It’s been a long and exciting road and I’ve almost reached the end of it. As you may know from my latest update for my upcoming book The Black Glass Killer I’m currently in the advanced editing stages, as the first-draft writing part has been completed. Today I’m really excited to show off the front cover for the novel as well as provide you with the final plot synopsis.

First things first I’d like to state that it will be a while until the book publishes. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I made with my first book and rush the editing process in my excitement to get it out there into the world. I want to let it out when it’s ready. Ideally it will be in April, but I’ll rather just take it as it comes and do the best I can.

Now for the good stuff!

Here is the final plot synopsis for The Black Glass Killer, which I hope will entice you to want to read the book – or at the very least raise your interest towards it.

To Damon Carter, a vicious torturer, little is more arousing than the pain of his victims. To make them shatter is the ultimate pleasure. Or so it had been before his art was stripped from him.

Five years have passed and now Damon leads an empty, dull existence. Apathetic, docile, bored; Damon yearns for the means to escape his living pain.

But unbeknown to Damon years ago his torture left a mark on someone. A mark that festered into an intimate obsession with Damon’s true self.

When the enigmatic victim of his past tracks him down, a murderer determined to awaken the man underneath, Damon must reconcile his darkness if he is to survive the legacy of The Craftsman Killer.

I hope the synopsis made it clear that even the main character is a villain in this book. There are no heroes. If there are they probably don’t get a happy ending. This is a book about deeply disturbed sadists, psychopaths and seriously warped individuals. If my first book was a character study of a hero’s descent, this is a character study of a villain rising.

Below you’ll find the front and back covers for the book courtesy of my friend and designer Roheen Abdulla, who for the second time in a row perfectly captured what I envisioned for the book, and did some absolutely awesome work.

the black glass

black glass back

I’ll also be adding the book to my list under the ‘My Books’ tab and it will be updated as the book becomes available.

It will hopefully be a big year for me as I publish my second novel, which I hope will represent my voice as an author in a way my first one never did, and begin talking about my third. Yes there is absolutely a third book that began years ago in High School, but I’m not going to be talking about one for a long time.

I hope you like the front cover and you’re intrigued by the synopsis of the book. Once again I offer the fair warning that if you find the book too disturbing to read, I’ll take that as an absolute compliment. And if you find it vile and disgusting and become deeply concerned about the mind that wrote it, I’ll take that as a compliment too!

In the days ahead I’ll be talking quite a bit more about the inspirations behind the book and how the characters were constructed if I find a way to make it appealing as an author note. Of course this is all leading up to the book’s eventual publication.

Till next time.