I have been gone for quite some time. This blog has been rather quiet in that time. I could explain it away with various excuses of work, life, campus and other such mandatory things, but the bottom line is that I made a small vow to myself. The next time I wrote on this blog would be when I had written the final words of The Black Glass Killer. Irrespective of how long it took.

I’m pleased, oh so very pleased, to say that last night I completed the book.

If you’re unsure of what my second book is about, be sure to read the introduction as well as the teaser for it on this blog, although by now the book has changed and evolved so significantly that those wouldn’t do a whole lot more than offer a tiny taste. With that in mind let’s take a look at where things go from here now that it’s done.

In my previous update I had some five chapters left of the book to write and 74,838 words. While I didn’t quite manage to write all five before the end of the year, due to extreme business, I have done so as of last night. The book currently sits at 102,903 words, 224 A4 pages with 22 chapters excluding the epilogue.

And it’s done.

The entire story from beginning to end has been written and completed.

I am proudly able to say that I have completed my second book, and have achieved my grand goal of writing something that is entirely reflective of my voice and identity – something that took inspiration from little else other than my own head.

But it’s not quite ready to be published just yet of course.

Now the fun editing process begins, where I correct all those little mistakes that crept through the writing process, streamline it and make sure it all makes sense and is written to the best of my current ability.

I could be editing for a month or two, I could even hand the book off to a friend or family member to give it a check and see how it reads.

The bottom line is that the actual writing is completed, and now it will publish as soon as editing is done.

I am aiming to publish the book towards the end of March earliest, and hopefully by the end of April at the latest. I’ll see how it goes.

For now, however, I can simply enjoy the fact that it’s done.

I have notes and notes to work with, with regards to editing. Today I’ll begin to re-read the entire story from scratch and start prodding and poking around.

I cannot wait to have people read it and tell me what they think, as my goal with this book is two things:

  • It needs to be better than my first book of course!
  • When people read it, they need to know that that’s my voice. I want it to be indicative of my identity, and have a voice.

That’s pretty much it! I’m realistic in my expectations, and ultimately I just want people to enjoy the read – or be heavily disturbed by it and stop reading the book. That’s awesome too!

I’ll once again start writing frequently on this blog now that I’ve completed the book, and we’ll see where we are in the weeks to come.