This next progress update for The Black Glass Killer was meant to drop quite some time ago, but due to the enormous amount of progress I was making with the book at the time, combined with a busy life, I decided to hold off on it until I was ready to really give a huge update.

If you’re unsure of what my second book is about, be sure to read the introduction as well as the teaser for it on this blog, although by now the book has changed and evolved so significantly that those wouldn’t do a whole lot more than offer a tiny taste. With that in mind let’s take a look at how things are going with this new book of mine.

I’m pleased to talk about the biggest update right off the bat. Planning for The Black Glass Killer is now as close to 100% complete as possible, with literally only small details regarding the ending left to iron out. I now have a clear path forward for every remaining chapter and know exactly what’s going to happen in each one. Of course the nature of writing means that anything could change as work goes along, but the ideas are more or less in place.

I am currently on 166 A4 pages, and on Chapter 18. There are a handful of chapters remaining, about five, so I’m approaching the end of the book in due time. However there could be an additional chapter or two if necessary, so I’m unsure of the exact number just yet, but I know all the events to come. As for a word count I’ve written 74,838 of them, which is quite a jump from my previous update which had me at 52,500 words.

However as usual the numbers don’t tell the full story. I’ve also gone back and re-wrote many pivotal scenes and dialogue in the book to really bring out the characters and events in a way that’s closer to my vision for the story. I’ve made drastic changes and cuts to streamline events, remove fat and really make the story focused on the main three, highly disturbed characters, which was the original intention.

Another massive milestone I’ve made is with regards to the ending of The Black Glass Killer. Up until now I’ve had no definitive ending, and have gone through about five drafts of what the possible conclusion could be. The nature of the story made it difficult to construct an ending that I felt would not only be satisfying, but would stay true to the core characters and ensure that the book ends as it begins: horribly. Cue my demented smile here. I’m pleased to say that I have a clear ending in mind now, I’ve deleted the other four drafts and I’m satisfied save for a few details which will be ironed out.

There was nothing quite like that creative light bulb going off in my brain to finally put the missing piece in place for this story and see it all come together. It’s a high better than any chocolate.

It’s simultaneously both awesome and sad to approach the ending to a book, because the journey is so spectacular and I invest so much of myself into a story. Despite knowing the next two or three books I’ll be writing and always doing planning on those whenever ideas come, it still is important to take the time to appreciate and enjoy what’s in front of you. I hope to do that with this book, and achieve my goal of it establishing my identity as a writer.

I can also finally start talking completion and publication dates now. I’m aiming to complete the book in November-December this year, and I’ll then be spending my holiday and some time next year editing the book as much as possible to make it as good as it can be. I plan to publish the book in February-March next year, but that all depends on how editing goes. As far as completing the actual book in its first draft is concerned, that’s one hundred percent on track to happen by the end of this year.

The last update I can give is that I have the ideal image for the front cover in mind, and I’ll be taking it over to my friendly neighbourhood graphic designer probably in November. He did a wonderful job on my first book, so I’m extremely excited to see what we can come up with for The Black Glass Killer.

I can’t wait to publish this book, and it’s fantastic to be on the final stretch to completing the first draft. I hope that in a couple of months I’ll be talking about the end of the road, and once the book is out there it will be fun to give you some insight into the story, characters and plot creation on this blog. That’s something I didn’t do a lot for my first book, and I’ll be keen to try and make up for it with this one.

Until then I’ll see you in the next and hopefully final progress update.