Poem: Dark Light

I am extremely close to the next big progress update on my second book, which is absolutely on track to be completed this year. In the mean time I felt in the mood for some more abstract creative writing, and turned back to some of the poetry I used to write in High School.

I thought it would be pretty cool to share a slice of that poetry, even though it’s primitive and, well, teenage level.

If there was to be one thing I liked about my writing back then – never mind how laughable it is now all these years later – it was that I just wrote out of enjoyment. It wasn’t always with purpose or drive, but I just wrote things even if they were out of my character or removed from my story.

The short piece of poetry I’m sharing today actually came from a story I was writing in High School. If you’re wondering what the picture attached to this piece is all about, well it was related to the story in some way.

The poem was titled “Dark Light”, and at the time I wanted it to be about beauty in darkness; in something ugly.

I won’t say much more because poetry, more so than a book, is something that is best left in the hands and minds of its readers. It takes the piss – excuse my language – out of the whole thing to say what intended, and it’s best to just let you read it and decide for yourself what it means to you.

Without more rambling from me, here is the poem:

Dark Light

The silence, terror, of one fearful night
In the absence, of the shining light
Behold thy beauty, thy moonlight glow
Embrace thy demon, one with shadow
Thy heart was empty; none shall care
Find peace, fullness, in thy despair
Neither blessed nor serene
Thy beauty lies unseen
Dear child, relinquish thy fear
Embrace thy darkness, hold it near
Let it enchant thy mind, blacken thy soul
What once was wretched, shall be whole
The beauty, wonders, of one graceful night
In the presence, of the evening light
Not dwindling, but burning bright.

I know it’s simple, quick and rather plain, but it was the kind of thing I enjoyed just writing freely back in High School. Poetry is a very free form of expression, and it can be whatever you make out of it.

I’ve definitely been feeling in the mood to write some poetry again, which partially stems from my love of rhyming, and from capturing abstract emotion in the written word.

Perhaps I’ll share anything new I do, but for now this is just a little something before I talk about the next big marker on my second book, and the approaching end to that particular journey.

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