The Most Irrational Cause Of Conflict

The nature of people is that they often need little reason to fight one another. Having been a writer for a gaming website, EGMR, for the past five years and priding myself on brutal honesty and critiquing of the industry over softball PR, I’m no stranger to conflict, especially on the internet. If you understand that only a handful of things on the planet are actually black and white then you’ll know that conflict can be healthy just as it can be destructive. Ideally, it should be healthy if the intentions going in are right. After all conflict doesn’t have to be a fight or intense hostility, it can simply be a disagreement. And disagreements are often the best ways to learn alternate viewpoints. But over the past couple of weeks I’ve realised that there is something at the core of most bad conflicts and why they happen, and it’s a fundamental flaw of many people I’ve come to meet in recent years. I now regard it as the most irrational cause of conflict.

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