The writing for my second novel, The Black Glass Killer, is in full swing and I’m extremely excited and happy with how it’s going so far. I’m eager to establish some sort of identity for myself with this book, and really tell a story that I’d love to call mine. This post will hopefully serve as the first in a series of updates that will keep you informed of where I am with the book and what’s currently going on in my writing process.

I prefer periodic updates rather than me just tweeting or writing Facebook posts about the book. This way anybody who is interested in the progress of the book will be able to track it through these milestone updates. With that in mind, consider this the first entry.

Over the weekend I passed the 50 A4 page milestone. Considering that my debut novel, The Sorrow, was around 250 A4 pages, I’d say that it’s befitting of a first milestone. Over 25,000 words have been written for the novel so far, and by comparison my first book had around 147,470 words in total. I introduced this book on my blog quite some time ago, but I took a break from writing in order to clear my head and rework a lot of the story of this book. A lot of the time has gone into redoing aspects of the plot, refocusing themes and changing things that required changing. However, the core of the story is still in tact, and thus that introductory blog post will still serve as a satisfactory explanation of the premise.

I am now on Chapter 8 of the story, fast approaching the real heart of it. I am unsure of how many chapters will be in this book, nor how many pages it will turn out to be. The reason is because I meticulously planned out every chapter in my first book, and the fact that every chapter had a name meant specific events were written for those chapters. Whereas with The Black Glass Killer, even though I know what will happen more or less in each chapter, I’m letting the writing flow organically and then moving things between chapters where appropriate.

What I can say is that it will be more or less around the same length as my first book. It may end up being longer or it may end up being shorter, but I will keep writing until I’ve told this story. I’ve planned out the bulk of the story already, and now it’s just up to what will naturally change as writing goes on, tweaks here and there and fleshing out and finalising the ending.

And there you have it.

That’s what’s going on with The Black Glass Killer at this point in time, and I hope to complete a first draft of the book in the latter stages of this year. I want to give a significant amount of time to editing, but I do plan to complete the story this year. As far as publication goes, my goal would probably be January-February, which would be one year after the publication of my first novel. If it can be done, it would be great. And if it can’t, I won’t rush this story.

Right then. Back to writing! I hope to provide the next report as soon as possible, but of course that’s subject to how much my brain can work over the next few weeks.

In case you missed it, I posted up a small teaser from The Black Glass Killer a short while ago.