Don’t Get Emotionally Attached To Things If You Choose To Be Close-Minded

We all get attached to things, and emotionally invested in products or stories we enjoy even if these things don’t have an active effect on our lives. And by extension it’s normal to get a bit riled up when these things come under scrutiny or get criticised. However lately I’ve been seeing a lot of incidences, particularly in the gaming industry, where people are so attached to the product and the company behind it that any opposing thought or criticism of it leads to intense hostility and personal attacks without regard for the opinion itself. I’m sure we’ve all seen this before. Some would call it being part of the internet. My issue, however, is not with people who become attached to products, but those who become so emotionally invested that they actually willfully choose to be close-minded towards any opposing opinions regarding what they enjoy. Willfully choosing to be close-minded, folks, is ridiculous.

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