I’ve been dying to talk about this, but sadly as soon as I was ready to I caught a rather nasty bug and was put out of commission for the better part of a week. I’m not quite sure how I survived and got through my assignments and work, but such is the power of a determined sugar-addict and insane individual.

I’m here today ready to talk about what’s next for me after The Sorrow. Speaking of, however, in the next day or two at most I shall be releasing a new edition which will fix as many of the minor annoyances and little errors as possible, as well as improve readability and remove a lot of the things I did that were due to me being a beginner. It’s like patching my book! Changelog for shizzles. I couldn’t resist that one. But more on that later this week.

My next book, as the heading suggests, is called The Black Glass Killer.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you may have seen this crop up in an exclusive interview with The Geeky Scribe, where I spoke about the book ahead of its time.

Today, I’m kind of making it official.

The Sorrow was a dark crime thriller about pain, and losing yourself to it. In many ways, it was the deconstruction of a hero. With my next book, I am turning that completely on its head.

The Black Glass Killer will be the deconstruction of a killer. A villain. It’s a psychological thriller that I hope will be my adventure into letting go of the safety net, and running wild with my identity. It is also my last venture into the thriller genre probably for some time, as I’m jumping genres with my next three books, and many of my subsequent ideas.

As far as writing style goes, with The Sorrow I was heavily inspired by Vince Gilligan and Christopher Nolan, and I went for slow, meticulous build-ups in which every little story detail had a purpose, and nothing was introduced without a conclusion. It was a more ‘neat’ way of writing, and every plot detail was explained and accounted for. I’ve been told that I’m a meticulous and methodical writer, and I feel I showed that in my first novel. I was OCD about that story, and wanted it to be complete in every sense of the word.

With The Black Glass Killer, I am again flipping over. I’m not at all saying that the story will be ambiguous or everything will be unexplained. Not at all. But the pacing will be the opposite to what it was in my first book. I am trying for a more fast-paced, unpredictable style of writing that almost forces readers to keep turning those pages, due to the manner in which chapters end and the length of each subsequent chapter. Curveballs will be brutal, I hope, and my key aim with this story is not just to be unpredictable, but to create authentic thrills.

I want readers to go “I didn’t see that coming” as much as need to pause to wipe their brow from the tension.

The Black Glass Killer was inspired by the 1995 detective-psychological thriller film Se7en, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. While I have taken nothing from there regarding story or even setting, the inspiration comes from the fact that I found the killer very interesting and the ending absolutely amazing. The themes of tragedy, monstrosity of man and hopelessness were key to making me want to write something that makes an impact – that effects reader’s emotions, heart rate and beliefs about the dark side of humanity. I want people to be disturbed.

Apart from that, it’s my own premise and my own story that I truly wish will be my voice as a new author.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let me tell you what the story will be about.

My next book, The Black Glass Killer, takes place in a quiet, safe city that has long forgotten what it means to face any real kind of danger. Nothing ever happens and there’s barely any crime. Again, a total opposite to my first book. The novel focuses on protagonist Damon Carter, a man bored with his life and missing what he used to be nine years ago.

Damon Carter is a dark character. A troubled soul who shows severe signs of antisocial personality disorder (most people would resonate with the term ‘sociopath’), and has no empathy. He has an attraction to pain, and does not value human life. He hates the city he lives in, for being mundane in comparison to what he had in the past. As I wrote in a previous blog post, A Study In Sociopath, I do not wish to explore the colourful, eccentric and likeable depictions of sociopaths you would see in Sherlock, Moriarty, Damon Salvatore and so on. I want to explore the frightening, uncomfortable sides of it, especially psychologically. I want people to find the character scary or disturbing.

Moving on. One night early on in the story, extraordinarily, Damon sees a news report on TV that a couple had been butchered in their home, and the killer had given himself up for arrest.

Once taken into custody, the killer requests to meet Damon Carter by name, claiming to know him – and what he used to be nine years ago. Only Damon has no idea who the killer is.

Through this he meets Detective Rick Logan, a morally dark cop with a black past, a cynical view of the ‘safe city’ and a volatile nature. Damon comes to see Rick’s shared attraction to violence, and the two develop a mutual understanding. Their paths become uncertain when they meet the killer, and find themselves faced with a man they do not understand, with motives that are ambiguous, and a past that does not add up.

The Black Glass Killer is partly an exploration of three volatile characters, Damon, Rick and the killer, and the tragedy that befalls those attracted to darkness, who cannot escape what they are.

That’s essentially all I’m revealing about the book right now. I’m way too excited to write it, and have written and planned a substantial amount already. It may seem like I’ve revealed a lot about the book, but almost one hundred percent of what I’ve said above comes from the first three chapters, which makes up some twenty A4 pages. There’s plenty more to the story, I promise, and my only hope is that people will enjoy it when it’s out and feel that I’ve achieved my vision with it.

If not, well, there’s always the next book to do better!

The Black Glass Killer is tentatively set for publication in July 2014, but of course it’s all dependant on how much I get to write in the months leading up the holidays, and the holidays themselves. I also will definitely take an extra month or two for editing purposes. I feel setting the date for July keeps me focused, motivated and determined, and keeps my creative brain at a constant flow. Personal deadlines are important, even if they are tentative and probably not going to be achieved. Don’t take that philosophy to a big corporate company of course! I’m just speaking personally, because I like to get the most possible out of myself in the shortest space of time. I work well under pressure. If I said I was releasing my next book in December, well, I’d probably end up becoming too relaxed.

Anyway, enough of my rambling! I hope you’re as excited about my next book as I am, and I can’t wait to start sharing some behind-the-scene teasers with you in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, keep a lookout in the next day or two for news about the second edition of The Sorrow.