The Geeky Scribe is a sincere and cheery blogger who was the first to review my debut novel, The Sorrow. Ever since then, we’ve kept in touch and have been chatting through Twitter and email, sharing quite a few mutual interests. I’ve truly been humbled and amazed by The Geeky Scribe’s enthusiasm towards my work and her desire to help writers like myself out. Anyway, The Geeky Scribe recently started doing author interviews, and I was eager to participate.

It turned out to be a great interview, one where I had plenty of room to casually talk about myself as a writer and give insight into what went into my book, The Sorrow. I really loved it, and was also so excited I went ahead and exclusively revealed details about my second book, The Black Glass Killer, in the interview.

I haven’t even officially revealed it on my own blog yet! But it’s all good fun for me, and I will most likely next week.

Here’s a small teaser of what I said about my next book:

My next novel is a psychological thriller inspired by the movie Se7en from 1995, which starred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. While I’ve taken absolutely nothing from there with regards to story or setting, and Se7en won’t really give you any idea of what to expect, it is simply the theme of great tragedy that I wish to explore, and a deep study of the mind of a killer. I was intrigued by the villain in Se7en, and found the ending of that movie quite extraordinary and, well, awesome!

Simply put while ‘The Sorrow’ was the deconstruction of a hero, my second book will be the deconstruction of a killer.

If you want to read the rest, as well as the full interview, head over to The Geeky Scribe’s website.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, and would like to thank The Geeky Scribe for giving me the time of day and allowing me to be trigger happy with my keyboard. I think she was as excited as I was about it to be honest! I appreciate the coverage, and your enthusiasm about my work. Truly, it’s very encouraging and motivating!

I look forward to seeing your response to my next novel.