This is an awesome day. One of the great feelings on planet earth is to see someone benefit out of what you’ve done, or in this case enjoy something you created. Prior to publishing The Sorrow, only my significant other had read the book. That is until now, and the book has received its first ever review from fellow blogger, ‘The Geeky Scribe’.

Here is an excerpt from the rather wonderful review:

I found myself thoroughly immersed in the tragedy unfolding with the turn of each page, delighting in the authors persuasive storytelling. Azhar Lorgat writes each scene with such incredible intensity, and perfect pace, it is impossible to resist just one more chapter before turning out the light.

Read the full review over at The Geeky Scribe’s website or on Goodreads.

I would like to personally give a big thank you to The Geeky Scribe for taking the time to read my book and provide feedback. I’m very appreciative of it. It honestly made my day a few times over. I don’t expect all reviews to be as positive or all reviewers to be as enthusiastic, but it has been an amazing feeling so far and it’s given me a lot of encouragement.

I look forward to more feedback, and of course more from The Geeky Scribe.

Bloggers like you are doing a great thing – helping out young artists with big dreams.